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Love Warriors Unicorn Breath 30x40

Varekode: 019857950100
SPARKS - ny bildeserie fra svenske Love Warriors! Dette skriver de om den nye serien: "Let’s get all the beautiful ladies out to play. Lets shake the world, celebrate feminine beauty and strength and have lots of fun on the way. A shimmering path is our way forward, so come join us on a sparkling ride and drive away darkness through light. The new LW Photo Art Series SPARKS is printed on fine art paper 300 g. Beautiful and affordable, because we want everyone to be able to enjoy and go for a glittering ride! In this series we have collaborated with the talented Swedish photographer; Katja Elm_n – ZinQ.se"

Vanlig pris 499,-

Special Price 399,20

30x40 cm. Leveres uten ramme. Printet på 300 g kunstpapir.